Written By: Spiritless

Americans are starting to reduce their alcohol consumption and as a result, non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more readily available. You might be wondering, why would someone who is avoiding alcohol, order a drink that tastes like alcohol? Well, it’s the same reason why someone with an early morning meeting orders a cup of decaf coffee after dinner. Most of those who decide to stop drinking, do not do so because of how it tastes. People drink non-alcoholic drinks because they want something to sip on that’s flavorful and guilt-free.

Deciding to go alcohol-free is a personal decision that can be based on a number of factors. And there are plenty of benefits from this decision!

     1. Saving money
     2. Avoiding hangovers
     3. Driving home safely
     4. Achieving weight loss goals
     5. Avoiding alcohol-related guilt
     6. Improving sleep
     7. Advancing fitness routines
     8. Boosting immune health
     9. Building stronger relationships
     10. Having healthier skin

Non-alcoholic drinks are no longer limited to sodas and juices. Today you can find cocktails made with distilled non-alcoholic spirits, brewed non-alcoholic beer, and bubbly non-alcoholic wine.

Not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you have to give up on flavor!